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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”—John F. Kennedy. The characteristics of being a leader are infinite. If an individual can not listen he or she will have a hard time being a leader. Listening is the key aspect of learning and learning is the key aspect of being responsible; a leader must be able to listen, learn, and be responsible if he or she expects anyone to follow his or her example. Working hard to represent my school well has taught me to be a successful leader. My counselor recognized how responsible I was and how I was always trying to get others to excel, which led her to believe I would be a good candidate for the student council. To become a member of the student council at Woodland High School an individual must accumulate a significant number of volunteer hours. After I accumulated around twenty volunteer hours I was able to run for vice-president. I gave a speech explaining everything I had done to deserve the office at the awards ceremony at the end of my sophomore year. I did the same thing at the end of my junior year and received the honor of being the president of the student council during my senior year of high school.

As president of the student council I have the responsibility of setting a good example for the students in my school. The counselor, believing I was capable of organizing and overseeing almost any event, put me in charge of the annual Miss Woodland pageant. I made entry forms, recruited participants and workers, and made sure everything ran smoothly. The leadership in me came out when recruiting the participants. Many people I talked to had never done anything remotely similar to a pageant. I listened to their questions and explained how things worked in pageants.

Organizing and overseeing such a large event within my school taught me that if an individual is not very responsible and friendly the event will not turn out successful. After realizing the level of intelligence that that...
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