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John Goncalves


Marianne and Betsy do have different styles of leadership. Betsy is the more authority compliance manager and as well a little middle of the road off management. Marianne is more of country club management and as well as middle of the road. From experience with those management style.

I think Betsy should focus more on what her direct manager wants. If your relatively new to a company, it would be very bad to rock the boat. I don’t think she should continue to follow the same leadership style because quite frankly it’s not working. However she should totally abandon her authority leadership style. Honestly Marianne and Betsy are at a point where they desperate need to work together to get the main goal in the right perspective. Marianne should become move of an authority compliant manager by giving her friendship with Bridget and Suzanne just a little separation. Betsy also needs to learn how to be more of a middle of the road team player management. She can’t rely on being too bossy, especially when her own boss tells her she is bossy that’s a very bad sign.

Betsy and Marianne can work together if they both come to an understanding. Betsy is more in a jam then Marianne. Betsy works under Marianne and Betsy is a fairly new employee. If Betsy resist Marianne and goes to senior management it could possible jeopardize her employment. Furthermore Marianne has the majority vote amongst the staff. Betsy might have to loosen up her rings and join more of the middle of the road management or either takes some tips into the country club management.
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