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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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An effective leader is a person with a passion for a cause that is larger than they are- someone with a dream and a vision that will better society, or at least, some portion of it. Without passion, a leader will not make the necessary courageous and difficult decisions and carry them into action. This is not to imply that all decisions are of this nature. Nevertheless, you can be sure, some of them will be. If one doesn’t care about a subject, an issue, a system, then one won’t spend the time thinking about how it could or should be different. Thus, a leader has to have some ideas about change, about how the future could be different. Vision is then based on two components that leaders also need: creativity and intellectual drive. One has to try to think out of the box to have good visions and to come up with effective strategies that will help advance the vision. One senior executive who has accomplished much success in the casino industry for his management and leadership is Dennis Gomes. He has consistently produced superior financial performance for many casino companies throughout his career, but it is his leadership skills where he has excelled. Gomes was respected among his employees and colleagues for his passion, work ethic, and social skills. He created a culture of high performance through establishing standards, and encouraging employees to reach their full potential, and by leading by example, as a person of high ethical conduct. Employees and executives alike admired him for his accomplishments and personal drive. Said one former human resource executive “Dennis is a class act and a unique individual, he is one of the top casino brands in the world. As the President/CEO, he has integrity and compassion for employees. He understands social intelligence and has the capacity for personal growth, sharing and caring.” Within executive circles in Atlantic City, Gomes was most respected for his ability to lead an organization and...
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