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Jovita Leny S. Calaguas

Masters in Public Management in Health Governance

Ateneo School of Government

Ateneo de Manila University


Discuss the difference between leadership and management. Provide the key distinctions and overlap of management and leadership.


Management and leadership are very important for the delivery of good health services. They are involve in different types of outlook, skills, and behaviors but similar in some respects. Good leaders need management skills to be effective and good managers should strive to be good leaders.

Leaders will have a vision of what can be achieved and then communicate this to others and evolve strategies for realizing the vision. They motivate people and are able to negotiate for resources and other support to achieve their goals.

Managers ensure that the available resources are well organized and applied to produce the best results. In the resource constrained and difficult environments of many low – to middle-income countries, a manager must also be a leader to achieve optimum results.

Attributes of a good leader:

✓ have a sense of mission;

✓ are charismatic;

✓ are able to influence people to work together for a common cause;

✓ are decisive;

✓ use creative problem solving to promote better care and a positive working environment.

*** Leadership is creating a vision

Managers must ensure that day-to-day processes run well to produce the desired results. Certain attributes are required for a manager to be effective, including:

✓ clarity of purpose and tasks;

✓ good organizational skills;

✓ ability to communicate tasks and expected results effectively;

✓ ability to negotiate various administrative and regulatory processes;

✓ good delegation skills.

*** Management is getting things done

Here is a simple way of differentiating leadership from management:

Management is fundamentally about doing the things which maintain and evolve the continuing operation of an organization. It is concerned primarily with processes for the management of people and money.

For money the main processes include activities like budgeting, targeting and monitoring and for people they include things like performance management, absence management, discipline and grievance, recruitment etc.

Best practice exists for most processes and so they are best learned through training followed by practice and on the job support. You can be a better manager by simply learning to do things the ‘right’ way.

Leadership is concerned almost exclusively with just two things; setting direction and mobilizing people towards it. As such it builds on the continuing operation of an organization and helps it to change.

Leader VS Manager

Here are some fundamental differences:

1. Leaders lead people. Managers manage people. – the simple definition.

2. The manager has an eye always on the bottom line, the leader’s eye is on the horizon.

3. Leaders set destinations via vision. Managers navigate the roads to get there.

4. A leader cultivates change and creates culture. Managers cultivate creating stability – hence enacts culture.

5. The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing.

6. The manager acts as boss, the leader acts as coach and facilitator.

7. Leaders appeals to the heart. Managers appeal to the head.

8. Managers are about reaching goals while Leaders have vision to inspire.

9. The manager relies on control on people, the leader inspires trust on people.

10. Leaders have followers. Managers have subordinates.

11. Leaders take ownership. Managers take responsibility.

12. The manager accepts the status quo for work, the leader challenges you.

13. Leaders are proactive. Managers are...
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