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  • Published: January 3, 2013
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The ever changing environment and especially the double-dip recession which has an impact on a global scale, meant Paragon software to be affected badly too. Due to the constant environmental change leadership has become an important attribute of management in almost all the organizations, including Paragon. Without leadership organizations will become static, will not develop and progress even they may be well organized (Hannagan, 2008). Although many individuals tried to unravel the leadership thinking ever since early 1900s, leadership and the study of this phenomenon has in fact roots in the beginning of civilizations. From Egyptian rulers, to Greek heroes, to Roman emperors and biblical patriarchs all have one thing in common –Leadership(Stone and Patterson ,2005). Leadership defined.

Over time the leadership concept encountered a wide range of definitions and interpretations from simple terms to more specifically interpretations. At its simplest, leadership is concerned with ‘getting others to follow’ or ‘getting people to do things willingly’ (Mullins, 2012,p 373) .Leadership can be exercised as a position within an organisation or at individual level because of personal knowledge or wisdom. While Crainer(1995)suggests that leadership has over four hundred definitions, Bass(1990) concludes that the number of leadership definitions could be equal with the number of people who attempted to define the concept)(cited in Mullins,2010,p373). For instance, Stogdill(1974)(cited in Tjosvold,1995,p48),a pioneer in leadership research defined this concept as “the process of influencing the activities of an organized group in its effort toward goal setting and goal achievement” .Further Bass(1990)(cited in Tjosvold,1995,p48) defines leadership as an interaction between two or more group members ,who structure the situation and alter member’s perceptions and expectations. In addition Kotter(1990)(cited in Wordpress,2010) suggests that leadership has the...
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