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Istanbul, 12.11.2012
After our intense group coaching session, we had all realized that we had a lot to work on. Being able to open up ourselves and dig deeper into what would later become our challenges was a very valuable experience for all of us. We then set to work to accomplish our goals and fight with our challenges. We were not able to reunite for another 1.5 month but we were finally able to set up a small session to review ourselves. Everybody talked briefly about their own processes and their future plans with their challenges. We decided that expressing our progresses in our own words would be more sincere so we grouped our reflections as follows:

Hakan Arıksoy
My leadership challenge was about balancing my personal and work life, having more fun for myself and having a more sustainable relation with my social peers. I also wanted to become more optimistic about my future career. Actually, for some I took actions but for some I have to improve myself. Up until now, in order to have more leisure time; I arranged vacations with my family and friends. I share more about myself and listened their words. Sharing vulnerabilities effectively and selectively actually improved my communication with others. I arranged occasional meeting with people to whom I haven’t seen for years. This actually makes me feel happier and connected to my environment. Even though becoming more active and friendly is an easy goal, I could not feel optimistic about my career yet. In order to get rid of this problem, I started to search for alternative solutions but I did not found any clear way. I need to work on this challenge.

Güçlü Borhan
My LDP consists of three challenges as follows:
1. More clear and decisive expression, communication:
2. Inspiring people’s biographies to be read as a reference 3. Not to avoid from conflict:

Let me try to answer to the questions below about my LDP process.. What actions have you taken?
I’m trying to show a sharper and more offensive profile in discussions to test myself and observe the others’ reactions. So far I’m still alive and no fistfight.

What did the people around realize about your changed behavior? No comment yet, I believe I will have some feedback with the year and performance reviews.

What did you learn from the process?
Whenever you try not to hurt the other side your decision making process becomes heavier and more complex, this makes you slow in critical pressure cooker situations.

Write down any small wins you have had.
Self-confidence and more speed in decision making.

Was your action plan realistic?
I couldn’t find free time to meet my second challenge which is the reference biographies, nevertheless it’s gonna meet the deadline which is 12 months but cannot start before March 2013 due to my busy schedule.

Does your action plan need to be revised?
Not Yet.

What do you plan to work on until the next group meeting?
Keep going, still struggling with my custom behaviors and old habits, but myself assessment cycle works fine.

Canan Kıran
My LDP consists of three challenges as follows:
1. More flexible in conflict management
2. More patient in listening others in order to improve coaching competency 3. “Take less job/responsibility” and “do more delegation” from 360

What actions have you taken?
There is a restructuring in my organization and mainly I do not agree with the proposals but I try to stop myself to share my comments immediately. I am thinking more about the proposals to find the best way in order to put my inputs to the process. It worked in first step but need to see further steps. In meanwhile, there is no improvement in other challenges.

What did the people around realize about your changed behavior? They surprised, because they were waiting my strong reaction for it. I hope I am able to continue.

What did you learn from the process?
I realized that this approach is working but I am...
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