Topics: Trait theory, Big Five personality traits, Openness to experience Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: December 2, 2012
1.I believe Bill Gates personality traits are surgency and conscientiousness. The case study refers to Bill as being abrasive and demanding boss that will have interrupt your presentation or shout criticisms during it. However, he also encourages creativity and recognizes employment achievement. I believe surgency is a strong trait for him as he is dominant and leads through competition that he shouts out in meetings. He is assertive and willing to confront others. I also believe he is conscientiousness, he is willing to work hard and continue to reinvent his company to accomplish new goals and successes After reviewing the paragraphs about Melinda I believe her traits are agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Melinda exudes agreeableness as she is loving and charming the case study says she wins people over as being persuasive, she is also strives for collaboration. Melinda shares the trait of conscientiousness with Bill. She has created clear goals in her education and career and has exceeded them. Also openness to experience fits her as she was the first women and youngest MBA on Microsoft's staff. She has also traveled the world to spread compassion and share their foundation to those that need it most.

I believe Bill's traits of being an effective leader are – Self-Confidence, intelligence, locus of control, flexibility, integrity and that Melinda's are locus of control, stability, sensitivity to others, high energy, intelligence, and flexibility.

Bill seems to lack in the trait of sensitivity towards others. As the study said he can be upfront and share his opinion during presentations by employees. I believe this is because he wants his employees to provide the best products and be sure that all facts have been presented. Melinda definitely exudes the roles of sensitivity to others and stability as she communicates and influences others while staying in emotional control of herself.

I believe their motivation is...
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