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Title: Compare and Contrast Two Leaders

Assignment Topic: Leadership

With the advent of networking, collectivization and team working, leadership has become a widely discussed topic in the world at the present time. No matter in the field of politics or economy, enterprises or small business, or south or north, leadership has already been accepted as a core quality, individually and generally. This essay is expected to analyze the qualities of good leadership, aims to identify and account for the most important qualities of good leadership, comparing different type of leaders and illustrating some successful examples.

Table of contents
|Sr. No. |Particulars |Page No. | |1 |Introduction |5 | |2 |Discussion |6 | |2 a. |Samuel Moore Walton |6 | |2b. |Bill Gates |9 | |3 |Comparison of Sam Walton & Bill Gates |11 | |4 |Conclusion |13 | |5 |References |15 |

1. Introduction
Leadership, it is the breath that animates all legal systems and all achievements of a business organization. Fortunately, and contrary to popular belief, leadership is not a mysterious act of grace. Good leadership is something that is observed and, to a large extent, be learned. Expert discussions on the difference between leadership and management have led to a consensus on the real difference but which was not a matter of opinion between the best and the worse. Leadership is about change and growth. Great leaders supervise and apply means of control to ensure continuity and ensure efficient cohesion, monitoring and accountability of the organization. They know what it takes to get the job done. Leaders think, create and motivate others to realize the dreams and achieve missions, strategic objectives and goals for the success of the organization (Bass, & Avolio, 1994, pp.91-92).

Every business has an obvious need for managers and leaders. If leadership is accompanied by the exercise of authority, in the best case, it takes the form an influence relationship between leaders and their followers who carries many more continued common goals and collective results as a hierarchical structure and relationships superior subordinate. Obviously, there are many who can and should become leaders. Leadership is defined by specific situations, contributing to the achievement of the whole business, and relationships too (Adair, 1973, pp.12-23). Leadership that creates an environment conducive to the improvement has a moral and inspiring. Among the many authors who have studied this issue, one of the most famous authors is James MacGregor Burns who correctly observed the traits of a successful leader. In today’s world businesses need leaders who are also able to create, protect and perpetuate procedures and to take risks, to challenge the status quo and stimulate growth and change (Bass, 1985, pp.45-47).

2. Discussion
a. Samuel Moore Walton
Sam Walton grew up in poverty during the times of great depression, but has grown to establish a major...
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