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Definition – Leadership
Leadership has a lot of different definitions, because of the theories and studies. Most of the definitions will depend on the author or the leader. ‘Leader is the person who creates the most effective change in group performance.’(Cattell,1951) ‘The leader is on who succeeds in getting others to follow him’.(Cowley, 1928) According to 1920’s definition of leadership, ‘leadership is the ability to impress the will of the leader on those led and induce obedience, respect, loyalty and cooperation ‘(Moore 1927), The definitions share much in common, they each consider the different aspects of leadership. Leadership is a group phenomenon and there can be no leader without followers, Leadership is a goal directed position and it plays an active role within an organization therefore leaders use their influence to guide others towards achieving a certain goal. In some cases, the hierarchy is formal and well defined, leaders are usually at the top other cases in can be informal. Definition – Management

There is a debate between leadership and managers because they influence, motivate and direct people. Although the two are correspondently a like; there are some differences between them, Bass (1985:xiii) states ‘Management is not only leadership, nor is leadership only management; however those appointed to a position of responsibility as managers need to appreciate what leadership is expected of them.’ ‘The process of optimising human, material, and financial contribution for the achievement of organisational goals ‘. (Pearce and Robinson, 1989) Management if often related to people and the organisation. Managers are usually responsible for helping the organisation achieve its objectives and for creating and implementing their plans ‘ the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the efforts of organisations members and of using all organisational resources to achieve stated organisational goals.’ (Mescon, Albert and...
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