Leadership 101

Topics: Management, Respect, Leadership Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: March 20, 2013
11 Jan 2013Sgt Jones, Perry
Leadership 101
There are several key points that one must mention when discussing leadership. The first of these is respect, both the subordinate respecting the leader, and the leader showing respect to the subordinates as well. Especially in the army, we all know that the regulations of the army require that we show respect in our words and actions at all times to our leaders. Thus we do what we are told to do because we are required to. However, I find that true leadership is in effect when the subordinates do what is asked of them because they respect the leader, not just because they have to. This is because the subordinate knows that their leader has their best interests at heart, and will always strive to do what will benefit them the most. This inspires a level of performance and devotion that allows the optimal relationship between leader and subordinate. Also, it is likewise vital that the leader always treat their subordinates with respect. The leader must keep in mind that his subordinates thoughts and feelings are important o the success of the team, and must endeavor to create a work environment that allows for their input. A soldier will always work better for a leader who makes them feel that what they do and say matters, and that the leader will listen to the soldier when they have something to say. Another thing that is vital to leadership is providing for the needs of your subordinates. As a leader, it is of the utmost importance to know your soldiers well, so that you will know when something is wrong with them, or when they need help with something. A soldier may not always feel comfortable talking about any issues they are having, so it is important that the leader recognize when a soldier is acting different from normal so that they may approach the soldier and help them through whatever issue they are having. If a soldier feels that their leader genuinely cares for their welfare they...
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