Leaders, Visionaries, and Followers

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Leaders, visionaries, and followers. This is what the world is made of. By scaling down this world, William Golding, the author of The Lord of the Flies, created a small tropical island inhabited by lost British school boys. By living unsupervised in the wild, these boys found their natural behaviour as humans. Most of them can be categorized into the three sections from the beginning of the paragraph, but there is a best example for each. Ralph is a leader, Roger is a follower, and Simon is a visionary.

A leader is charming through his physical and character qualities. He has the ability to understand, communicate and know how to organise the group. At least for the beginning, a leader seems like an ideal being, which makes him appealing to the rest. Sadly, in time, the public usually changes its initial views of this person, as it happened to Ralph. William Golding describes him as a “fair haired” boy, with a “boxer-like body”, which clearly denotes physical charm. He is also the one who blew the conch to group everyone at first, which made people see him as a natural leader from the beginning. With these characteristics, the author pointed Ralph as a leader in a fairly obvious way. This is also the reason why he got voted for leader over Jack Merridew, who was a mean looking boy. Ralph’s first actions as a leader were to organise and set rules for the group. He decided that Jack and his choir were to be hunters, while the “littluns” became a group of not-so-important members of the tribe. This shows the way the leader divides his members into social ranks from the important to the least important ones. Ralph also set the conch rule, which is that during assemblies the only ones who could talk were the chief and the person who possessed the conch at the moment. The boy saw huge need of structure due to the adults’ absence, reason why he introduced this rule that reminds one of the class atmosphere. In real-life situations, such as sports teams,...
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