Leaders Make Change Happen

Topics: Quality control, Organizational culture, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 10 (3432 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Leaders make change happen

1. What objectives did BHI seek to accomplish through the introduction of SDWTs? Were these objectives accomplished?

BHI involved employees in the management of their business through SDWTs. Self directed working teams were empowered to take corrective actions to resolve problems. Also, these teams had direct access to information that allowed them to plan, control and improve their operations. Self-directed working teams worked together to support a product or service. These teams took on functions formerly performed by supervisors and managers. BHI movement toward self-directed work teams was driven by initiative and need than by corporate directive. Efforts were in manufacturing facilities where the changing environment demanded employees to adapt and operate differently in order to be competitive. BHI was designed and built to operate with SDWTs. Many work groups in line divisions and groups are moving more and more into self direction process. Indeed, all objectives seek by BHI were accomplished through the introduction of SDWTs the company was able to improved quality, productivity and service. It gained flexibility, reduced operating sots; it was able to offer faster response to technological change, fewer simpler job classifications, increased employee commitment to BHI.

2. Analyze the data in Figure 1 and present it in a way that best demonstrates the impact of the SDWT initiative.

Since the implementing of self-directed working teams numbers of defects were identified before reaching the quality control department hence before customers. Before the formation of SDWTs, quality control experts identified 13 defects per month out of 115 pieces. In February 1997, the first month SDWTs were introduced the quality control department found 13 defects but this time out of 380 pieces. In March the quality control department found 20 defects out of 420 pieces and in April 17 defects were found out of 352. However, after the engage and familiarization of roles and responsibilities people within the SDWTs began to self inspect their work reducing the number of defective items fund by the quality department. In May only 4 defects were found out of 506 pieces. In June again 4 defects were found out of 630 pieces in July only one defect was observed out of 552 pieces. During the Months of September, October and November of 1997 no defects were fund by the quality control department out of an average of 690 pieces. This figure provided us solid data to substantiate the conclusion the SDWTs helped BHI to improve their product quality and reduced the operational cost.

3. Discuss George and Shane's approach to launching the SDWT initiative. How did they motivate the employees to accept the change?

Employees are always making comparisons and are very aware to any lack of fairness in the organization. Gorge and Shane allowed employees to ask questions without feeling intimidated. They checked on the perceptions and feelings of all employees on regular basis in order to correct misunderstandings and to promote valid grievances. George and Shane explained the rationale behind SDWTs to the workforce so that everyone gets engaged and supported. Also, by behaving ethically at all times undermine the vision and goals of the organization. BHI employees wouldn’t behave well if managers fail to set the example with personal and professional conduct. They introduced the SDWTs with accepting responsibility for the design of the system and the procedures that sometimes did not work as well as they should. Managers at BHI were in constant pursuit of truly profound knowledge that provided by statistical quality assess that explained differences in results much better than blaming the employees. Management can fix what is wrong yet they don't know how to because they lack of knowledge required. It is hard to motivate employees that are blame for results out of their control.

4. Discuss Shane's...
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