Leaders Are Created by Pressure Placed on Them

Topics: Leadership, Hero, South Africa under apartheid Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: May 31, 2008
In 1988 Nelson Mandela was still in South Africa's apartheid prison system, where he had been incarcerated for a quarter of a century. He would turn 70 that July and his friend, the doughty president of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Archbishop Trevor Huddleston, C.R., had suggested that the world should celebrate this birthday. Many young people started pilgrimages from various parts of the United Kingdom, and they converged on Hyde Park Corner in London on Nelson's birthday. The crowd that gathered to celebrate this prisoner's birthday was about a quarter million strong, mostly youngsters who had not even been born when Mandela went to prison. And yet here they were gathered to honor this prisoner as if he were a pop star. Why?

Also, Mother Teresa had visited South Africa, and again the crowds that went to hear her at various venues were amazingly large. What was such frenzy with her?

Leader is the one with ability to lead. But what makes one man a leader? Leader and leadership are two words which are simply expressed in the dictionary as a noun and adjective. Where the former is a human being, the latter is a quality. Leadership is needed for making a leader; still the question remains as to who and what makes a Leader. Leadership as a quality may be more innate than acquired, but some qualities and characteristics can be identified and consciously brought to bear during complex and difficult times like the present. The history has witnessed varied personalities who were Leaders, be it the Gandhi or Nelson Mandela or even Hitler, who had a genre following his words and acting to his obedience. What made them leader was their philosophy which was strong to strengthen their voice. Everyone expresses their opinion; everyone raises their voice. However, the one who has a strong eloquence, clear thought and an innovative concept is chosen to guide the others, to represent the class of people with the same ideologies. This brings out an essential factor of...
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