Leaders Are Born Not Made

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In today's world of corporate Leadership, many seem to share the belief that it is possible to send employees to a series of classes and make them leaders. Well, we are here today to alert everyone that 'Leaders are born, they are not made'! How often have you seen people promoted into a position of leadership, but they lack any of the qualities of a true leader? I am sure that this happens in our homes, churches and other areas of life, but today. WHO ARE LEADERS?

Who is a leader?
By definition, a leader is a person who rules or guides or inspires or influences others. A leader is someone others are willing to follow, almost without question. A person who rules or guides or inspires others. Someone others are willing to follow, almost without question. They may not always make the right decision, but they are confident in the decisions that they make. They are not afraid to admit when they are wrong, and they know when to change direction when an inappropriate choice has been made. For, even after a few mistakes, a true leader will not lose the confidence of his or her followers. When you read the notes from our honorable and affable lecturer on ‘Influencing’, it tells us to “look at the outcome of the influence attempts and not necessarily the leader’s intended purpose.” People seek out leaders unconsciously, and leaders step to the forefront almost instinctively. Leaders are recognized, not chosen. In short, ladies and gentlemen, leaders have something within that the others just don't have. It is an intangible characteristic that cannot be explained, but it is obvious when you see it, you will recognize it immediately. LEADERSHIP

Art or process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards achieving set goals. Process of leading people in the right direction in order to achieve goals. Kouzes, James M. & Posner, Barry Z. (1987).The Leadership Challenge. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LEADER:

* One who has an excellent and admirable character - A leader has to be trustworthy and must fulfill promises made. He must also take responsibility for his own actions. * One who takes work seriously - A good leader is one who takes his work and role as a leader seriously. He motivates his followers towards a common objective. * One who is confident and calm in a crisis situation - A leader must display self-confidence and exude a clam disposition so that people will believe in him. He is able to adapt to situational changes. http://www.bukisa.com/

1. Great Man Theory
2. Trait Theories
3. Contingency Theories
4. Situational Theories
5. Behavioral Theories
6. Participative Theories
7. Management Theories
8. Relationship Theories
9. Path - Goal Theories
Great Man Theory; According to Great Man theory, a leader is born and cannot be made. This theory believed that leaders are people who have inborn exceptional qualities and are destined to lead. Here the term "Man" is used since leadership was considered as a concept that would be primarily dominated by males. Great leaders would arise only when there is an urgent need of it. It also suggests that leadership qualities are inherent. Trait Theories:

Similar in some ways to "Great Man" theories, trait theories assume that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leadership. Trait theories often identify particular personality or behavioral characteristics shared by leaders. •TRAITS OF A BORN LEADER

Value others
Takes Action
Leave by example
Team Player
Can do, get it done attitude
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills

The idea that Leaders are born is supported by Great Man theory as well as Trait theory. An individual's personality...
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