Leaders and Leadership

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Leadership is defined in dictionary as an ability to lead others toward a chosen goal. In my opinion, a person is a good leader is when they can inspire others to follow him or her no matter what. But if a person wants many people follow him and seeing him as a good leader, the one that they can believe in and entrust in him all the time. Therefore a leader should have a good characteristic so they can be a model for everyone, and be a responsible person just so he or she can create a good or safe feeling for those people who believe in them. I think I’m not really a difficult person, but I have a simple mind on what is a leader? And to be a good leader, as long as that person can finish their job and make their group go up so I’ll be fine with it. However there are more examples of how leadership can influence people in many forms. For example are: in the military, officers are automatically followed to their leader, due to their rank. It’s a matter more of courtesy and necessity than personality. However, personalities play a big part in military leaders. Defined goals, clear orders and the willingness to take responsibility are the marks of a good leader. Another example of leadership is a person who stands for something that others agree with. Jesus Christ was the best example of leadership, because his followers were voluntary and after two thousand years he still leads millions of people. Other leaders have gotten into their position due to enthusiastic speeches and self promotion. Adolph Hitler is an example of this sort of leadership. I could say he wasn’t a good leader according to his people because the fact was that he did help the economy of Germany went up after the sinking of economy. Because he was able to take over Germany on the promise of repairing the sinking economy, World War 1 had left Germany in a mess and his promise to raise them back to power and success appealed to the masses. Incrementally, he was able to assume complete control,...
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