Leader Styles

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Leadership Style
Kimberly Burrow
HCS 457
May 20, 2013
Dalynn Campbell

Leadership Style
This essay is on the different leadership style from a historical person of my choosing. The successful management styles of this person also the leadership styles. The score of my Leadership and Team Self-Management Assessment the class was asked to perform. The leadership styles and traits of my historical person. The traits that I can learn from my historical person and the traits and styles my historical person can learn from me.

Historical person
Leonard D. Schaeffer was a successful leader in Blue Cross of California. He was the president and CEO who helped orchestrate the transition into Wellpoint, which is the second largest publicly traded health care company in the United States. By 2004, Schaeffer built Wellpoint into a 19 billion dollar operation. Schaeffer oversaw the merger with Anthem Health Care. Schaeffer brought a wealth of public policy and experience and government knowledge to the board as senior adviser to Texas Pacific Group (TPG). He served as an Administrator of the United States Health Care Financing Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Harvard Business School, n.d.). Successful management style

The management theory Schaeffer uses in 1986 when he was recruited for president and CEO at Blue Cross of California. Schaeffer was the visionary of making the company the 40 million dollars that he was informed the company should make that year he became president and CEO. He fired 3,000 employees, the CFO, and sold everything that was not nailed down. Schaeffer started HMOs in Blue Cross of California, his theory was, "if you look at Americans, they don’t know much about health policy, but they know a lot about the rights and privileges of consumers" (A conversation with Leonard Schaeffer p. 27). He went public with WellPoint, sold 20% to the public. That gave the company capital, acquisition capital, and stock. The company began to diversify risk, economic regions, different regulators, and different opportunities. This style of management is in the influence of culture. Schaeffer stated " You need different management techniques at different times. If you look back on the history of our company, the first stage is the turnaround. You need top-down, autocratic, “Here’s what you are going to do.” “Why?” “Because I told you to do it.” Top-down, directed, tell people what to do. You don’t have to be right, you just have to keep moving (A conversation with Leonard Schaeffer p. 27). Successful leadership style

    The leadership theory Schaeffer used was the democratic leadership. With the motivation with internal drives and impulses. He made decisions, set goals, worked toward achievement, and informed task to be done. The autocratic leadership Schaeffer used had little trust in employees and systematically exclude them from decision making. His leadership behavior helped the organization achieve its objective. When individuals gets to the point he or she realizes they can not run a company alone that is participative management. They bring people in that add and create value. Autocratic style is occurs when leaders have meetings and members suggest things and the leader takes the best suggestions and uses it without members voting. Leaders should shifts from internal concerns to external concerns to ensure the company is running well and is providing consumers with the companies product. With external concerns the leaders should give up the day-to-day control. They may impact and control the company but they can not control the external environment (Schaeffer).

The score of my Leadership and Team Self-Management Assessment My score for the leadership and team self-management assessment was 50. The score total explains...
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