Leader Ship

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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What is a leader? A leader is someone who is genuine and allows there followers to follow in a truthful path. As a leader you take on a superior role of your followers. It is imperative to lead within your heart as being a leader. In college I would like to enhance more leadership by being courageous. Greatness has showed me the path to lead as a leader. I am someone who will tell and show you what I think is right. I am also a good helper who helps the people I care about. I help those who help themselves, and also those who have positive aspects. Personally I am person who display positivity. I was raised with a strong ethic. I have work through my whole elementary, middle, and high school career. I know I have integrity and a sense of honor. I am a person who takes their education very serious. I also work well with others in groups. When working in a group, teamwork is very important to me. My ethic overall helps me govern my behavior and actions. One obstacle I have overcome is being a great role model for all five of my siblings. It is important that I set good examples for them, because they are so curious and want to do things like me. Being a teenager and the oldest child can be a lot to juggle. As a young adult, all I want is to be success and help my family through life. I am a successful young lady, which means I have a goal to achieve to keep reaching toward excellence in the future. Over the course of years in my life, I have always wanted nothing but the best for myself. My family has always exposed me to the path of being successful and longevity morals. I think highly of myself, as being mentally and physically a strong individual. As far as going to college, I would like to take on more leadership skills and roles. I want to be that person who people can come to for help. I also would like to pursue a role in supporting a lot of people who need support. Overall I want to leave an impression on people, that I am the greatest leader...
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