Lead, Learn, Love

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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If luck has anything to do with it, it has to be because I got the right school and the right teachers in my secondary school days. I was lucky that for all my school life, I had excellent, dedicated teachers--- actually quite normal in my school. This is as far as my luck went.

The teachers I had in my secondary school, had a passion for education that I cannot believe even until now. They treated us like we were their own children. As we just entered secondary school, we were quite new to a number of subjects. Therefore, the teachers taught us with great patience. The teachers did their best to help us to get used to the secondary school life, as well as to help us get the hang of our subjects. Most importantly, their lessons were fun and entertaining. Through their teaching, I realized their passion for the subjects. Not long, I fell in love with all the subjects and had a genuine love for them too.

I enjoyed the lessons on environmental education the most. As I was someone who loved the Earth and the green natural surrounding, these lessons were, thus, perfect for me to learn how to care and protect the environment. Through these lessons, it raised my awareness of water conservation and technology. The lessons had nurtured students to be responsible to ensure clean air, and enhanced lives through teamwork with partners. Last, but not least, it allowed everyone to do his/ her part in creating a clean and green school environment through the promotion of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

These environmental education lessons were part of the national education too. They help to instill in me a love for the school, community and country, and develop me into morally upright citizens. They also play a role to raise my awareness and appreciation of national and global issues. I had a lot of interest in these lessons as I got to have hand-on experience in growing plants to carry out the experiment. In the process of the experiment, I developed great...
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