Le Quai Des Brumes Sequence Analysis

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Le Quai Des Brumes Sequence Analysis- The Power of Love
People say that love is something extremely powerful and miraculous; it is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Director Marcel Carné attempted to show that love has the ability to change a person in many different ways in his movie Le quai des brumes (Marcel Carné , 1938). This attempt is most evidently presented in the sequence of Jean meets the ship doctor, who invites him to sail to Venezuela with him on the port; and the sequence following, in which Jean goes to the carnival with his lover, Nelly.

There is an apparent attitude change of Jean when the scene shifts from the one in which He is talking to the ship doctor he meets on the port to the scene of him going to the carnival with Nelly. When Jean is facing Dr. Molène, a stranger he just met, the ship doctor who is about to leave for Venezuela, he keeps remaining a poker face and an indifferent attitude. In the scene, there were several close-ups to the faces of Dr. Molène and Jean, contrasting the apparent difference in their facial expressions as their dialogue goes on. Despite the smiley face and all the acts of friendliness of Dr. Molène, including padding on Jean’s paint box and telling him the story of how he wanted to be a painter at first but eventually became a doctor and inviting Jean to have a drink with him and to sail to Venezuela together, Jean shows almost no interest in opening himself to the doctor. Dr. Molène has this special fondness toward Jean because of his passion and love for painting, and he thinks that Jean is a painter. Although we can’t tell how Dr. Molène treats others from the film, there is an interesting contrast between how a worker on the port , who has no special feelings toward Jean, answers Jean’s question and the doctor’s reaction when he answers Jean’s question. This contrast shows that Dr. Molène’s friendly attitude is certainly caused by his love for painting. Not only the doctor, but...
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