Le Loupgarou Poem

Topics: Werewolf, Human, Death Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: June 14, 2011
The poem begin with a 'curious tale' which 'threaded through the town' (note the use of alliteration). Through greying women sewing under eaves. These 'greying women' (meaning old women) may not have been literally sewing under the trees, but were 'threading the tale'; meaning, they were gossiping. Was how his greed had brought old le brun down. (what comes next is a tell of how his greed brought him down' Greeted by slowly shutting jalousies (refers to the people who shut their windows at him, meaning that they were shunning him,; he was ostracised ''When he approached them in white linen suit, Pink glasses, cork hat, and tap-tapping cane'' This description is used to give a visual imagery of how he dressed. These lines go on to point to a man who now sports the trappings of what the poem suggests is wealth through ill means A dying man licensed to sell sick fruit-

The Le Loup Garou werewolf is a werewolf myth that comes from French Canadian folklore but it's also widely known throughout Europe. Just like other werewolves, the Le Loup Garou werewolf was once a human before being turned into a werewolf. However, they were turned for a very specific reason. A human would be turned into a Le Loup Garou if he had failed to meet his religious Easterly duties for seven years in a row.; These sinning humans would usually be turned into wolf form. le loupgarou is about a man le brun who is ostricised by his community. He was once rich but it is said that his greed brought him down. The people in the town spreads rumors about him saying that one night he turned into a werewolf. In relation to the folklore, it could be said that this man was changed into a werewolf because of his 'sins' or in the poem; his greed. Literally, he could have been changed into a werewolf, but figuratively, the man's personality could have been changed into a 'wolf'. This is an allusion, as a sheep is a representative of a good person, versus a wolf which would be an evil or...
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