Le Cirque Du Soleil

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Which factors were totally eliminated by Le Cirque and what are the operational and financial implications?

One of the factor that differentiates Le Cirque from the traditional circus is the complete absence of performing animals: this is a strong change, especially if we think that the idea of circus takes its origin in a horse ring and has always been connected with elephants' and other wild animals' show. Also big name acts have no place in Cirque du Soleil: it doesn't try to attract viewers through actors' popularity. This two factors lead to an importante cost decrease, due to the removal of animal trainers and lower maintenance costs; also security needs reduced investments. The goal that Cirque du Soleil manages to get is breaking the traditional trade-off between cost and value, creating his own value curve different from the classic circus industry and gaining a competitive and durable advantage. Another characteristic is the lack of a ringmaster announcing the acts and of a printed programme in order to bury the names of the artists and present the different parts of the show. The consequance is that the individual performers are essentially anonymous. The show takes place on a stage, eliminating the traditional three rings, nearly become part of the common scenery. The consequence is that the audience can focus entirely on the show's theme and the founders can eliminate the high costs associated with the use of three rings. Last but not least, Le Cirque eliminates the Aisle Concession Sales, doing away with the traditional high-priced concessions and vendors thereby cutting costs.

Thanks to all these changes and improvments, the criteria/boundaries/rules for the circus industry that were "taken for granted" for decades (animal shows, star/famous performers, multiple shows at the same time, and pushing concession sales) have been overcome. Rather than keeping a high emphasis on all the existing rules and then creating new ones, Le Cirqeu du...
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