Topics: Marriage, Love, English-language films Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Aquinas High School
Its august 23, 2002, my husband forgot our anniversary. The whole day, no call or text from him. When he came home that night the way he acted, I knew he forgot. Maybe it slipped his mind? Even though it might have slipped his mind, it still hurts that he forgot. It was disappointing that he wouldn't remember our anniversary. It breaks my heart that he said absolutely nothing about today, maybe he had a long day at work. Maybe we've had so many anniversaries that this one didn't mean as much to him so he didn't care. All these questions in my head slowly brought me to tears , only God knew how much I wanted to cry , and eventually I did , that night as we lay down in bed together , so close , but yet so far apart . August 23, a day that meant so much to me, I now had a sense of resentment in my heart. Our Marriage has just taken a turn, for the worst. We became distant, I believe I just said that we were so close but yet we were so far apart. That feeling deep in my heart, our marriage was no longer the same, the passion, the strong emotion, but most of all , the love. I felt like he began to love me less and less, everything changed and slowly those same changes began to weight down my heart. So I thought it would be a good idea to go to new York to be with my son, Joseph , but this travel would be different , this time , I decided to go without Wilson , I wanted to go by myself . When I told that I decided on going by myself, it was apparent that he took it to heart, it was unusual to travel without him. But I needed time, Time to think.

New York was a busy place, I thought it would be time to relax and get my head together but instead I got even more mess in my head. I felt out of place in New York. So I decided to go back and be with my husband. But as I came back that's when I gained more stress from the unknown upcoming events. It was a normal day, me and my husband in our empty house, no children or other adults, just us. When all...
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