Lazy Sunday

Topics: Time, Siesta, Guilt Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Lazy Sunday

Sunshine beamed through my rust-colored curtain. A bird peeked through my window. The clanking of pots and pan can be heard. The aroma of the freshly cooked fried rice filled with lots of garlic can be smelled. Mom called us for a sumptuous feast which filled our grumbling tummies. I hear songs from yesterday reverberating through our walls as I walk up the stairs back to my own chamber. I stare at the long list of priorities pondering which I should do first. After which, I end up with nothing as procrastination attacks on a sudden impulse—again. So, I turned my attention to this pretty machine, opened a browser and surfed for about an hour or two. I reluctantly left my computer just to avoid the guilty feeling of not helping around with the chores to be done in the house. Upon completion of the house tasks, realization struck that I really should start doing my number one goal for the day which is to do my school works. Doing the school work feels like it wouldn’t be done until eternity. But I have to hurry for the time is ticking and a lot of other ‘must-do’s’ are still in the line. It turned out that the aforementioned ‘eternity’ was just about three hours and we have to have the second meal of the day, the most awaited lunch. Time after lunch means siesta time. And siesta time means a time for relaxation, away from the problems and head ache. It is one of those precious times that I can spend in thinking of nil, nothing at all. By 7:00pm, I’ll start cramming for those things I should have done before the clocked ticked at 7. Being extremely motivated for sleep, I unbelievably finish the school works by 10:00pm. And this is how I spend my lazy Sundays.
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