Lazarus of Bethany

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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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Lazarus of Bethany is the subject of a miracle recounted in the Bible where Jesus restores Lazarus to life after four days of being dead. Plath sees herself as the female Lazarus, who has been raised from the dead three times and thus a miracle. Like the sense of miracle, Plath sees her deaths like Lazarus’s for they don’t fall into the category of usual deaths.

Sylvia Plath completed her masterpiece, Lady Lazarus, in the days before her suicide in 1963, while in a condition of disturbance, suffering and obsession. This is not just a poem; rather a message to others about her life, her enemies, and her struggles with everything from her family to mental stability. Lady Lazarus conveys Plath's real life suicide attempts and a detailed explanation of her psychological troubles.

In Lady Lazarus, she horrifically describes the yearning for attention she has always wanted. By using the most expressive ways possible she enters the audience's imaginative minds by using symbolism, theme, and imagery throughout this poem to help open the true meaning of this piece.

Lady Lazarus is a poem meant to open the audience's eyes to the world of evil and shame. Plath boasts her ability to survive accidents and suicide attempts. She opens with a casual tone and giving off an ironic sense of success as the poet comes back from surviving death. Plath sees herself as ‘a sort of walking miracle’, drawing parallel with Lazarus, whom Jesus raised the dead. Bringing together the biblical story along with the horrifying images of the Nazi concentration camps. As reading this poem, the true definition and meaning is to derive all of her weaknesses and heartfelt guilt into one memorable moment like the Holocaust.

Within the first three lines of her autobiographical poem, Plath catches the reader with a strong image and message, by stating she has attempted suicide three times. Plath proclaims, "I have done it again. / One year in every ten / I manage it——." She is ultimately...
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