Layton Marketing System

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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Layton discussed and identified specific factors to build a strong framework of marketing system to make it more efficiency and effectiveness. To shape this strategy all factors should link it together starting with technology change, the growth of knowledge and institutional factors all of these components must plat partially at least. The best result for growth and quality of life come if the marketing system comes in the middle of this strategy and interacts with all factors.

Emirates Airlines

Applying Emirates Airlines in Laytons Model.
Technology and knowledge.
Research and development
Using mobile satellite phones on the flights.

Division of Labour.
Cutting cost by Outsourcing labours from India and Pakistan. Institution.
Emirates group
The Royal family
Investment company of Dubai
Boeing airbus
Arsenal football team, Jockeys of the Godolphin racing stable and Samoan rugby sevens. Growth and QOL.
Fighting HIV in India
Funding hospitals in Bangladesh
Creating friendships/ partnerships by building infrastructure eg stadium for Arsenal •Offers employment and therefore improves quality of life of its employees. Social Matrix (Marketing system)

Technology and knowledge.
Emirates Airlines was one of the first airlines introduce in flight entertainment system in all three classes with more choices in high quality. •Innovation
Emirates airlines consider as the top of highlighting innovation by their entertainment system, using mobile phones on the plane, superior customer service and the advantages of operating primarily in the long haul sector. •Research and development

Emirates Airline has orders for 90 Airbus A380s with 12 of them already in service and became the second operator of the Airbus A380-800 after Singapore Airlines when their first aircraft was delivered on 28 July 2008. Emirates Airline has won numerous awards and is an industry bellwether for...
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