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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Research methods Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Proposed Research Title :Electronic Record System for the College of Technical Studies in Philippine College of Science and Technology. Improved/Narrowed Title :Electronic Record System for Technical Studies’ Students in Philippine College of Science and Technology.

Significance of the Research :1. Students: This study will help the students of the College of Technical Studies to keep and manage their records. 2. Faculty Members: This study aims to lessen the time consumed by the faculty members in recording, searching and retrieving of a student data. 3. Administrators: This study intends to help administrators to have ease in generating reports.

4. Parents: This study will aid to keep the parents informed about their child’s performance in school.
5. Researchers: This study will improve the knowledge and understanding of the researchers about the system used by the College of Technical Studies. Major Problem or Focusing :1. What is the present record system used for the Technical Studies’ Question Students of the Philippine College of Science and Technology? Sub-Problems or Subordinate:1. What are the common problems encountered by the Technical Studies’ Questions students with the current record system?

2. What is the level of satisfaction of the Technical Studies’ Students regarding the current record system of PhilCST? 3. What electronic record system maybe proposed for the Technical Studies’ Student in the PhilCST? Sources of Research Problem : College of Technical Studies Students in Philippine College of Science and Technology No. of Measurable Variables: 3

Extent of Difficulty : / / Very difficult / / Moderately difficult / / Slightly Difficult / / Easy Classification of Research : / / Laboratory / / Library Research / / Field Research / /Others Type of Research: / / Basic / / Developmental...
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