Lawyer-Client Relatioship

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Ana Sarabando
Professor Elfo
Teamwork Assignment
Does your State recognize a privilege with respect to the press and their sources? Why is the Lawyer-Client and Doctor-Patient so important? Please be sure to include a properly cited reference in support of your Main Post.

In the State of New Jersey, the Shield Law protects a person engaged on, engaged in, connected with, or employed by news media for the purpose of gathering, procuring, transmitting, compiling, editing or disseminating news for the general public. When applying the shield law, a New Jersey Superior court construed the requirements for what constitutes a “news medium” under the statute. In re Aville, 501 A.2d 1018(NJ Super Ct.App.Div.1985). The court ruled that newspaper, these involving student reporters when writing their paper for their schools. The Shield Law protects sources and unpublished information. Lawyer-client as well Doctor-patient is very important to have, maintained a sense of confidentially between each other. Insuring certain information, and only those who you wish to authorize to have access. Lawyers are often required by law to keep confidential anything that represents their client, involving communications between the lawyer and the client. Now this confidentially is also common applied between doctor and patient, there is legal protection between both parties, where doctors are allowed to share certain discussions with patients, and who the patients let you share the information with. It creates an environment of trust.


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Shield Law: NJ.STAT.ANN. Sections 2A:84A-21 to 2A:84A-21.9(West, WESTLAW through L.2003, c.1 to 31).
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