Laws That Contradict

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State Laws That Contradicts Federal Laws|
Which One Must We Fallow?|


State Laws That Contradict Federal Laws
This Paper explains using proof and some facts from researched sites and articles on the internet using sites like Google as a research source.This also going to show some views that the people have on this subject. We will see information and ideas on this topic (How state Laws Contradict Federal Laws) there all going to be different opinions because we all have different views on this question (Which One Should Fallow.? ). I’m here to open your mind and interest you in this subject to see what your opinion is on this. This article will explain you this. You will see 1 article on a situation of wen a state law contradicts a federal law and 2 view of what people think we should do each one of course different. This paper will answer some questions we might ask of or think of. Hope you catch some interest and hope it opens a new perspective to you and you get interested in this topic.

State Laws That Contradict Federal Laws
Questions we might have and ask in our minds here are some than again this is on some web pages online you can think otherwise you will see examples throughout this report and see why people might say this. Every question will be answered and you will see examples What happens if a state law contradicts the US Constitution or a federal law? What happens when a state law conflicts with a federal law? If a state law conflicts with a federal law which law will prevail? Which should we fallow?

In case a person violets one of this laws by doing another what happens? These and more questions can be in our mind and yeah we want an answer to this so I’ll try to a answer these and more. Get ready to learn some stuff we didn’t know.

State Laws That Contradict Federal Laws
A very important state law that contradicts federal law is the prescribed marijuana. In some states they have legalized...
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