Laws Regarding Ice Cream Production

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* Omore have positioned itself as “more for less” and they have captured a considerable share in markets where they are serving. * They have promoted themselves as full of happiness and art, attracting a huge chunk of audience. * They offered 24 different packs and 3 flavor which are not offered by anyone else in the market. * It is among the few brands in the country to manufacture dairy products. * They have divided their products according to their target market frooze range for childrens, ice cream for adults and range of family packs. * They have a fully automated system to manufacture ice cream.

* Engro foods ice cream is facing a continuous difficult in the distribution channel for omore ice cream. * Omore major supplies are from Punjab, they are facing difficulty in targeting various region of the country. * Along with the high cost of advertisement, they have a high cost of freezers alone. * Because of a single manufacture unit in Sahiwal they are unable to serve various region of the country, and have a high distribution cost with no customer hub. * Despite the biggest market and having the biggest market share Karachi, they have no unit in this area. * Using milk product in ice cream they have to put extra effort to keep ice cream freeze, and are not capturing the health conscious market who have moved toward frozen desert.

* The market of ice cream is growing rapidly
* Season of the country mostly favor the ice cream production.

* Walls ice cream the biggest threat to omore with their superior brand name and extensive presence. * They are also facing challenges from local and foreign ice cream parlors having local presence, as they have attracted audience by proving an exciting place where they can sit and enjoy ice cream. * Electricity crisis is the biggest challenge not only in terms of increased cost at manufacturing unit but also at...
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