Laws of Life

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  • Published : September 29, 2008
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Laws of Life

I believe the laws of life are different for everyone. Its how a person was raised and treated that determines there laws of life. They are different and unique for everyone and are reflected on how they have lived their life. The laws of life are the guidelines for someone’s life that decides what and what not to do. They are the basic instincts of a human and influence simple actions such as saying “excuse me”. The laws of life are the structure for a person’s personality and character. Everyone has laws of life but they are different for everyone.

There are many laws that govern my life and influence who I am. I have a top 3 most important laws of life that I follow the most. They influence my everyday actions and shape who I am. My most important law of life is to respect others no matter what. I have learned countless times that it isn’t worth it to disrespect someone as at some point in life they can help you. Respect is acting well towards elders and being a role model for young ones. My second law of life is to Getting good grades. School is a person’s only chance to be successful in life. Schools decide whether a person will be working at Microsoft or McDonalds. You only have one chance in school and if you don’t do well then you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Finally, my third law of life is to be kind. If you aren’t kind then no one in the world will like you. It’s better to be a good person and enjoy life because you never know when your loved ones will leave. These are my top three laws of life.

The laws of life strongly influence my everyday actions and how I live my life. It’s the decision whether or not to go to school in the morning to whether to eat lunch. My laws of life make me and kind and respectful person. There isn’t a decision I’ve made in my life that wasn’t influenced by my laws of life. They govern every aspect of my life physical and mental. My laws of life are who I am.
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