Laws of Life

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Laws of Life
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde Life is complicated. Life sucks. Life is hard. Yeah, yeah, I know those are cliché. Everyone has stated one of those statements before in their lifetime to describe a point where they felt like stuff wasn’t going their way. I used say those statements all the time and still do every now and then. But I learned not to make excuses like previously stated with this law of life: Be yourself.

From 6th to 8th grade, I wanted people to like me. I would make people laugh by stating unfunny things, say things I really didn’t mean just with hope I would become popular. And while this got me “friends,” I was never truly apart of the crowd. I was merely an associate people would talk to because they were entertained, but never apart of anybody’s troop. This bothered me. I would always think to myself, “Why don’t people to like me?” and “Why don’t girls find me appealing like they do so and so?” I would always complain to some people I considered close friends and my parents about these “problems” I was having, and they didn’t understand what I was talking about and I did not understand how they did not understand what I was talking about. I didn’t realize that because I always thought those thoughts and the fact those thoughts made me wear my emotions on my sleeve was the problem.

Then one day one of my good friends was fed up with my constant moping. We argued and stopped talking. I lost a good friend of mine that day, and I once again went back to moping. The next week summer vacation started and I was eager to get away from my peers, people who I thought caused me so much stress. This was only the beginning of my epiphany. That summer I went to a summer camp where I roomed with these twins and one other guy. The twins were tall, athletically savvy, and extremely charming. The other guy didn’t speak much to anyone else, but was hilarious and witty when we were in the dorm talking. He talked...
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