Laws in Today's Society

Topics: Separation of powers, Law, Judiciary Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Laws in Today’s Society

The three branches of the government are put into play by a system of checks and balances in order to keep each other and the laws that they uphold in check. Even though each law is not fool proof, it is better to have them set into place so that the citizens of the country are still in charge of their government; not the other way around.

The three branches of government are intertwined into a system of checks and balances. This system has been created in order for each branch to not dominate the other one. There are three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial.

The executive branch is controlled by the President. The President has the power to make reaties and assign officials to government positions. Congress is also part of the executive branch. They have the power to impeach a President or other official from office. However, “the executive branch cannot act without laws and authorize its activities or without the money that pays for these activities” (Patterson 56).

Congress also controls power in the legislative branch. They control whether legislations could be passed. However, each house must have a majority vote before a law can get passed.

Judicial power is mainly in the control of the Supreme Court as well as other lower federal courts. “Congress is empowered to establish the size of the federal court system, to restrict the Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction in some circumstances, and to impeach and remove federal judges from office” (Patterson 58).

Laws are made in such a way that if you have too many laws they have a tendency to contradict each other. When there are too many laws it makes life too confusing, putting our general well being in turmoil. It’s better to have less laws, and concentrate on the things that need governing. This is why we have the three branches of government.

There are some inconstancies when dealing with the law...
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