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Evil behind abortion

Evil is an act that distorts moral order, which is contrary to the character of God. Just ask yourself this claim such as; “There cannot be good without evil” This is a metaphysical idea about the structure of reality. Part of that idea is that everything in existence must co-exist in a sort of balance or symmetry. Evil likes to reminds me of abortion, deliberate termination of a pregnancy by surgical or medical means.

For liberals, abortion is almost always permissible. Liberals tries to brainwash us, by stating that a fetus is not a life. In order for someone to have a full moral status, liberal Jarvis Judith Thompson explains must have at least one of the characteristics of reason, self-motivation, self-awareness, and the capacity to communicate. “Warren says, we must admit that any being that has none of these traits is unquestionably not a person”. I agree on the criteria of personhood, however many infants or being with mental disorders does not have these attributes. Abortion is the practice of depriving potential life.  Yet, tragically, it has been ingrained in our culture. Since the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, some 40 million abortions have been committed in this nation.  i This is almost a third of the number of live babies born during the same time.  ii If you go to a high school graduation ceremony this year, consider that one third of the graduating class is missing.  They were deprived of the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness written about by our founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence.  We are shocked when we read about the human sacrifices of ancient cultures.  Yet, our unborn children are routinely sacrificed on the twin altars of feminist ideology and convenience. We are shocked by the horrors of the German holocaust where six million Jews lost their lives.  Yet in our own American holocaust, over six times that number of innocent babies have been killed.  Why has this happened in our “enlightened” time?  What can we do to stop this evil?                                 Multitudes of people in our society have come to believe that they benefit from abortion.  They have been convinced by endless propaganda that the practice of unrestricted abortion is good and that it must be protected at all costs.  This extreme view comes from the radical feminists who argue foolishly that women should be free to choose to kill their unborn babies.  They fail to see that if a choice needs to be made, it should be made before the conception of a child.  After conception, it is too late.  A child who is an individual has been created.  One of the most important principles of traditional Western civilization is that one individual should not kill another for convenience.  iii The feminists have cast this principle aside by allowing women to kill their unborn babies.  There is no real difference between killing a child before or after it is born.  

In the minds of radical feminists, men and women are engaged in one big power struggle.  This notion originates from their Marxist heritage.  Karl Marx, whose writings led to the disaster of communism, believed that society was dominated by a struggle between the bourgeoisie (owners of production) and the proletariat (workers).iv Although Marx says nothing about a struggle between men and women, the feminists adapted his revolutionary rhetoric to their own cause.  v  Feminists believe that for women to win their struggle, they must have total control over child bearing and be able to kill their unborn babies on demand.  vi  Actually, there is no big power struggle between men and women.  If an independent observer from Mars were to come to Earth to study the interactions between men and women, he would not find a state of ongoing war.  He would not find roving bands of men forcing women to produce babies, they do not want.  He would instead find that, in most cases, men and women get along...
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