Lawn Mower

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Lawn mower
A lawn mower is a tool used in the gardens for mowing grass over the lawns. There are various types of mowers depending on the need and necessity of the user. Basically there are two types of mowers, the cylinder and the Rotary mowers. A cylinder mower is designed for an efficient cleaning system which helps to maintain a neat lawn at regular intervals. They are commonly used in tennis courts and other formal places where the lawn should look very professional and neat. A rotary mower is useful in places where mowing of grass has not been done for quite some time and has much of rough grass grown. The next thing is the size of a mower. They are sized according to the width of grass being cut; some cut up to 41cm of grass, some cut up to 28cm etc. The wider a mower is the fewer sweeps it needs to finish its work. Usually the rule is that the bigger the lawn, the bigger the mower. If the area is huge, then a rider mower is more useful. The next factor to be considered is the power that operates the mower. There are electrical and petrol-run lawn mowers. The electrical ones are lighter in weight, inexpensive and more convenient to use. However, if used in a denser lawn place, it can get tangled between the grasses. They should not be used in wet grass as well. They are fit to be used in a smaller area as they get over heated if used in a bigger area. On the other hand, petrol mowers are ideal to be used in a larger stretch of area as they do not need any electrical connection and also do not get heated up very soon. They however need more of maintenance and are expensive to the former. The third type is the one that is powered by rechargeable batteries. This is quite useful, except to the fact that the power and efficiency with which it cuts the grass is less when compared to the other models. The next factor is how the mower moves. The answers are hover, wheels and rollers. Hovers are quite good for the small gardens and are inexpensive when...
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