Lawmaking Process

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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How Interest Groups Influence the Lawmaking Process

Law making are the procedures of establishing and creating the rules and orders to be followed by citizens of a certain state. A number of administrative agencies and interest groups play a predominant role in the process of law making. (Furlong and Kerwin, 2005).The interest groups may be described as ‘groups organized in a manner whose existence is to provide a permanent representation of the particular interests of the people.’ Their aim is to influence the legislation process rather than putting out their candidates for the election process. Interest groups can provide a means of participation in politics between elections. Interests groups are able to gather sufficient support to force the Government to either amend or sometimes repeal legislation. Interests groups enable both causes and interests to be heard in hopes of exerting influence in the lawmaking process. More and more interest groups are taking more advantage opportunities to participate in the lawmaking process. ‘Groups serve as an organized “bridge” between the judicial and legislative arenas by providing information to both branches and thereby increasing inter-constitutional communication.’ (Dulk and Pickeril, 2003)

Aside from the government and legislation, opinions from organizations and the general public have created an impact on the lawmaking process in society today. The increased participation of both interest groups and individuals demonstrates the possible transformation of the lawmaking process. Interest groups should all have the opportunity to participate in the lawmaking process and lobbying for their particular interests, thus creating some form of a balance within the lawmaking process. Interest groups have gradually revived the community in becoming conscious of their rights and interests which have become an influence in the lawmaking process. There are many lobby and interest groups and many issues represented....
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