Law531 Week 6 Compliance Program

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Law531 Week 6 Compliance Program

By | September 2010
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Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Program Proposal


August 9, 2010

Professor Bob Tinley

To:Dr. Michael Riordan, President & CEO
Hugh McCauley, COO
From:Michael Vander Linden Project Manager
Date:August 9, 2010
RE:Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Program Proposal

Every company that sells a product or service within the United States is subject to a myriad of Local, State and Federal laws. The legal challenges can be as pedestrian as asking an employee to work while not “on the clock” to something as esoteric as divulging information on a business acquisition to a neighbor who then uses the information to buy stock in the distressed company. These issues are even further exacerbated when dealing with issues which are not necessarily international in nature but because they take place on both US and foreign soil, are markedly different due to international law or foreign customs. The primary focus of a Corporate Compliance Program is to inform company personnel how to perform their respective jobs without creating legal problems for the company. According to the National Center for Public Law, “Carefully planned and implemented compliance programs can reduce these risks by preventing illegal conduct and mitigating or eliminating punishments and liabilities for those offenses which may still occur.” (National Center for Preventative Law, 1996, p. i). To facilitate these results, companies must be able to demonstrate they possess a Compliance Program and that they actually operate under its guidance. (Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, 2010). At Riordan, it is our goal to be a solutions provider for our customers and to ensure we do not become part of the problem. (University of Phoenix, 2010). We intend to formulate and maintain long-term relationships with our customers by providing rigorous quality controls, innovative solutions, reasonable pricing and a responsible business attitude....

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