Law421 Dq Week 5

Topics: Third World, First World Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Week 5 DQ1
The company you work for makes filters for kidney dialysis machines. Several shipments of filters do not meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.  Since they do not properly filter the kidneys, they cannot be sold in the United States. In order to at least partially offset the cost of production, the company decides to sell these filters in certain Third World countries where the standards are not as stringent. If your last name has a total of 6 or less letters in it, state why the company has the legal and ethical right to sell these filters in Third World Countries. If your last name has a total of 7 or more letters in it, state why the company should not sell the filters in a Third World country, on legal and ethical grounds. The most obvious reason this company has the right to sell these filters in certain third world countries is the fact that these countries do not have restrictions on the types of filters sold there. When I think of a third world country I think of countries that do not have easy access to medical care. These filters could actually help some of these countries that couldn't afford to buy filters that are FDA approved. International law would protect the company with the transaction with these third world countries because the company is abiding by the law of the third world country. The FDA regulates items sold in America and not items that are sold to other countries. The company is obeying the law and could possibly help these poor countries by selling them the filters for less than what they normally have to pay. Week 5 DQ2

You have recently been hired to run the accounting department for Ajax Enterprises. Despite increasing sales, Ajax has had financial problems recently. As you review the books for Ajax, you notice some entries which trouble you. Upon further investigation, you discover that the...
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