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Law Scholarly Article

By | November 2011
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Scholarly Article Response
Law and Ethics

In the world that we live in, money is the basis of power. Power and authority are what make the business world go round. It is almost sad to see that deception and deceit are so widely used in the world of business but it has come to that in the past few hundred years. There are still places in the world where there is no fighting over wealth and prestige. But in America, in these times, there is competitiveness for jobs and money.

There is a pressure to deceive in the business of making money. Once one enters, it is almost like a game of who is ahead. Bluffing to some may be the same thing as lying, but to some, it is just part of the competitive game. These people are competing to make money. Money for their companies, more money for their families and friends. It is tough to get used to but once one is in, it is an uphill battle from there. Albert Z. Carr, the author, compares it to the game of poker. “The game calls for distrust of the other fellow. It ignores the claim of friendship, Cunning deception and concealment of one’s strength and intentions, not kindness and openheartedness” (Carr, 3). To bluff in the business world is just another way to get ahead. The reason I am researching on this article is because I feel as though being ethical is the only genuine way to make your work right and true; To make your money the right way and not to screw other people in the process. Being ethical is important to me.

There is another example Carr uses illustrating a man at an interview, and he is asked to state the magazines he reads most. The options are Reader’s Digest, Time, Fortune, Saturday Evening Post, The New Republic, Life, Look, Ramparts, Newsweek, Business Week, U.S. News & World Report, The Nation, Playboy, esquire, Harper’s, Sports Illustrated. The interviewee has been a subscriber to The New Republic, and the Ramparts, but also he was an active viewer of Playboy. This man lied on his...

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