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Topics: Contract, Negotiable instrument, Contract law Pages: 5 (1256 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Questions on Contract
1. a) Define Contract.
b) Explain the essentials of a valid contract.
2. a) What is an offer?
b) When does it complete?
c) Discuss the legal rules of a valid offer.
3. a) What is an acceptance?
b) How can an offer be accepted??
c) Discuss the legal rules of a valid acceptance.
4. a) Who is competent to contract?
b) Discuss briefly the position of a minor with regards to the contracts entered into by him. 5. a) Define Consideration.
b) What are the essential elements of a valid consideration? 6. a) Explain the rule that a stranger to a contract cannot sue with the help of an illustration. b) Are there any exceptions to this rule?

7. a)Define Coercion.
b) State the effects of coercion on the vaidity of a contract. c) Does a threat to commit suicide amount to coercion?
d) On whom the burden of proof lies in case of coercion?
8. a) Define Undue Influence.
b) When is a person deemed to be in a position to dominate the will of another? c) What is an unconscionable transaction?
d) On whom the burden of proof lies in case of undue influence? 9. Define fraud.
b) Does silence amount to fraud?
c) State the effects of fraud.
10. a) Define Misrepresentation.
b) State the effects of misrepresentation.
11. a) Define ‘Mistake’.
b) Explain and illustrate the effects of various types of mistake. 12. Under what circumstances is the object or consideration of a contract deemed unlawful? Illustrate with examples. 13. a) What ae contingent contracts?

b) State the rules regarding enforcement of such contracts. Give illustrations. 14. a) What do you understand by performance of a contract? b) Explain the rules of law relating to time and place of performance of a contract. 15. a) What is meant by appropriation of payment?

b) State the rule regarding appropriation of payment.
16. a) What is discharge of a contract?
b) What are the various ways I which a contract may be discharged? 17. a) What is a breach of contract?
b) What do you understand by an anticipatory breach of contract? c) State the rights of the promisee in case of anticipatory breach. 18. What remedies are available to an aggrieved party on the breach of contract? 19. Explain special damages, exemplary damages, nominal damages, liquidated damages, specific performance, injunction, quantum meruit and penalty. 20. a) What is meant by ‘Quantum meruit’?

b) Explain the cases in which the claim on quantum meruit basis arises.

Questions on Consumer Protection Act
1. What are the objects of the Consumer Protection Act?
2. Define the following terms as used in the Consumer Protection Act. Complaint, complainant, consumer, manufacturer, restrictive trade practice, unfair trade practice, defect and deficiency.

3. What is the jurisdiction of a Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum( the District Forum)? In what manner is a complaint filed before it? What procedure is followed by it after receiving a complaint? 4. Write a note on Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission( the State Commission)? As to its composition, jurisdiction and procedure to be followed by it. 5. What is the composition of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (the National Commission)? What is its jurisdiction and what is the procedure applicable to it?

Company Law.
1.Define a ‘Company’. Explain its characteristics. What is meant by ‘Lifting of Corporate Veil”? Under what circumstances can it be lifted?

2.Explain the basic characteristics of a Private Limited Company and state, how it differ from a Public Limited Company?

3.What do you mean by the term ‘Memorandum of Association’? State the requirements, which must be stated in the Memorandum of Association. Explain the provisions regarding alteration of the Object Clause and Situation Clause.

5) What do you mean by the term ‘Article...
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