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Reasons Why 'The Family' Concept Is So Attractive
This essay will show reasons and examples how and why 'the family' concept is so attractive and popular for politicians all over the world and how does the religious messages contributes to political success. Will also define the concept of 'the family' and how it influences politicians and religious people. Journal 1

Pearce, Lisa D. and Arland Thornton. "Religious Identity and Family Ideologies in the Transition to Adulthood." Journal of Marriage and Family 69, no. 5 (2007): 1227-1243. Argument:
Lisa and Arland examines how religion shapes family ideologies in young adulthood in this journal. They found out that relationship between children when they are born and their mothers religious characteristics and the children's perception of family ideologies in their young adulthood can be shaped from early in life, the results of using the 31-years Intergenerational Panel Study of Parents and Children (N = 909) vary across time and family. So family ideologies may result in interesting patterns, but religion and attitudes are consistent between relationships. Also, young adults religious identities of their family ideologies suggests that both religious service attendance and the importance of religion are what shapes their religion and family behaviours.

The journal expanded their understanding of the relationship between family ideologies and religion in four key ways. First, their studies focuses most on one dimension of religion like attendance, the importance or affiliation to create a composite. Second, they took a life course approach to the influence of religious identity. Third, they explore that multiple dimensions of religion relate to six different attitudinal components of family ideology ranging from issues of sex and reproduction to marriage and household gender dynamics. Fourth, with those six family attitudes at different points in early adulthood they can examine the religion's...
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