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Australia's legal system is a common law legal system based on the: British legal system.
Before we apply the law to solve a legal problem we need to: Locate the law applicable to the legal problem.
Australia is a liberal democracy in that the executive government is made up of representatives:

Elected by the citizens.

Australia was initially regarded terra nullius at the time of British settlement, which means: 'Land belonging to no-one'.
The notion of 'parliamentary supremacy' provides that:
Nobody has the right to override a law validly made by parliament. In the event of conflict between case law and a statutory rule: The statutory rule prevails.
The Federal Parliament of Australia consists of:
The House of Representatives and the Senate.
Residual power to make laws with respect to crime, contract and tort is exercisable by: State parliaments.
As an employer Johnny must pay payroll tax to:
The State government.
Legislation is law made by:
The legislature.

Legal encyclopaedias and law textbooks are:
Secondary materials.
In State parliament the Crown is represented by the:

The two sources of law are:
Primary and secondary legal materials.

An amendment to the Australian Constitution requires:
1 A simple majority of votes in both Houses of Parliament.
2 An absolute majority of votes in both Houses of Parliament. 3 A majority of votes by citizens and by States.
4 A simple majority of votes in one of the Houses of Parliament. 2 and 3

A particular law might be changed because of:
1 A change in government.
2 Changing social and moral values.
3 Terrorists demanding a change.
4 The invention of new technologies.
1,2 and 4
Case law is found in:

Law reports.

The power to make law at the Federal level of government is vested in: The Federal Parliament.

Legislative power is the power to:

Make Law

A legal system that complies with the rule of law will ensure that: 1 All citizens have legal rights...
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