Law Inforcment Cameras

Topics: Police, Surveillance, Physical security Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?

It is the job of the Government to keep us safe, without compromising our privacy. The Law

enforcement takes many precautions to make sure people are safe, whether this means putting

more police officers on patrol, making sure our prisons can keep people in, or even putting up

cameras to catch people running red lights. The precautions seem necessary, and welcome. But

where is the line between public safety and breaching privacy? Are surveillance cameras an

invasion of that privacy, and are they needed? How are cameras any different than a police


In a public place you can’t have the expectation of privacy. I don’t see how a security camera watched by law enforcement is any different than a Police Officer on duty. Cameras can be used as a great tool to expand the area law enforcement can keep safe. Chances are your grocery store already has a camera; the restaurant you had dinner at has a camera. Many would prefer that these cameras were under surveillance from an officer, who could quickly come to my aid if needed.

All the security can keep you safe, though you should not have to trade privacy for security. You may be losing some of your freedom because of these cameras. There is a line between cameras watching a busy street corner, than a camera watching a street with housing. You should have the right to have privacy at your home and neighborhood, and cameras can disrupt your peace of mind.

Are cameras really needed? Cameras around popular landmarks, or on busy street corners seem like places cameras would be useful. But streets with housing, or around schools to me are a waste of time and money, neighbors would surely come outside if there was a commotion in the street, and during the day at schools there are faculty members and teachers on the campus. It seems to me that cameras are not needed in most places; it is possible to have...
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