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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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Law Enforcement
Police departments have always had their ups and downs. A majority of the time people seem to show a decent amount of respect to our police officers at any level of authority. In this paper we will discuss what some of these issues that police officers have to deal with; how our local, county, state, and federal officers work with the United States Department of Homeland Security; and what improvements can be made to this relationship with the United State Department of Homeland Security and our different policing agencies. First let us talk about common issues our police force is dealing with.

Respect, this is an important request that police officers are not getting from many people. This example is from personal experience. One day coming home an officer was driving his personal vehicle around his apartment complex after a long day at work. The officer forgot to cover up his uniform and therefore people outside could see he was a deputy sheriff. There were approximately eight children between the ages of eight thru thirteen playing in the area cars drive in to get around the apartment complex. This officer saw these children playing and slowed to a slow idle. The children neglected to get out of the way staring at the officer’s car until the last minute. As the officer was passing the children he witness then throwing up signs with their hands and gave snarled looks with their faces.

That story is just one example on what officers come into contact with. One other extreme is terrorism. Yes terrorism is not just for the Federal Bureau of Investigations anymore. Now all levels of law enforcement are involved with working not only with the Federal Bureau of Investigations but also the United State Department of Homeland Security. Even though all levels of law enforcement share the same ultimate goal, to put “bad guys” away, it is not always a smooth partnership. Law Enforcement

The USA PATRIOT Act was approved in 2001 after the attack on...
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