Law Enforcement Today

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Law Enforcement Today

Law Enforcement Today
In today’s society there is a variety of issues police departments face. They fall from corruption in the departments, multicultural society, racial profiling, corruption, stress and pressure. Because of the many issues, officer’s jobs become more challenging on a daily basis. Society within the United States continuously evolve, it is the home of a country that has different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It creates issues for police when the departments are not as diverse which could lead to racial profiling along with language barriers. This makes it hard for officers to investigate crimes when officers are unable to speak the different languages. When an officer assumes or determines the race of an individual when a crime happens, or happened, is called racial profiling. The departments are trying to resolve this issue by employing more officers that speak more than one language or of different ethnicities. Along with racial profiling, officers face corruption. Many officers are sworn in and vowed to protect and serve their country. Unfortunately, there are some officers that do not live by that oath. Some officers fall into the temptation of bribery, which can result from low salaries. Another form of corruption is taking evidence (drugs, money) to make personal gains financially as well. Stress and pressure is another issue, police officers cannot show signs of weakness while on the job. Officer’s jobs are not easy and are under a lot of pressure. The men/women that work as officers have to make quick decision that involves life or death for themselves, victims and the accused. There are times when the decisions they make can result into death or serious injuries not only to themselves but to wrong and innocent people. Their lives could also result to not making decisions fast enough. On daily basis officers lives are in danger and can affect them mentally as well as...
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