Law Enforcement Today

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Law Enforcement Today
October 28, 2012
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Law Enforcement Today
Police departments in today’s society face a variety of issues such as working in a multicultural society, corruption within the department, the dangers involved in their work, such as violence on duty, and their use of force when subduing a suspect, just to name a few. (Schmalleger, 2011). With so many issues to consider, the job of policing our streets continues to become increasing challenging. As society in the United States continues to evolve, this country has become home to people of various ethnic backgrounds and cultures. This creates more issues for police departments when the police department is not diverse enough, and this could lead to racial profiling and language issues. When a police officer is unaware with the dialect or the language of the community, this can make it harder to investigate cases because it makes it tough to find out whether the crime has happen, when it happen and where it happened. If a police officer considers a person’s race to determine if a crime has happened, or more likely to happen, this is what is considered as racial profiling (Schmalleger, 2011). One solution to this problem would be to hire and train more officers that speak more than one language. Along with racial profiling, officers face another issue within their police departments, which is corruption. While most officers take their vow to protect and to serve seriously, and honor the commitment they took, there are others who do not. Some officers fall prey to temptations such as bribery. The lower salary of a police officer is one reason for officers to accept bribes (Schmalleger, 2011).. Some police officers will take money as payment from an offender for making a speeding ticket disappear, or for walking away from a drug transaction in progress. Another form of corruption would be when an officer denies the suspect their constitutional right to due...
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