Law Enforcement Deviance

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Law Enforcement Deviance

By | June 2010
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Law Enforcement Deviance


Dawn Edwards

May 9, 2010

According to the Rampart Independent Review a Los Angeles Police Department was hit with one of the worst police scandals in American History. The police department was faced allegations of corruptions and police brutality. “As a result, Los Angeles is now faced with a police corruption scandal of historic portions that involves allegation of not just widespread perjury, false arrest reports, and evidence planting, but also incidents of attempted murder and the beating of suspects”. This scandal has affected Los Angeles and their police force. Their citizens have lost faith in the police force, and Los Angeles entire criminal justice system creditability has been questioned. Since Los Angeles’s citizens have lost faith in the system, their willingness to cooperate with law enforcement has also been impacted. This scandal also exposed the rift between LAPD and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

In my opinion there are a lot of reasons behind the deviance that is described in the Rampart Independent Review. I honestly think that the officers got caught up in their operative, and thought they were above the law. The officers were allowed to do what they wanted as long as the job got done. Basically as the statement says, “If the end justify the means.” Since gang crimes, drug trafficking, violence, and other malicious behavior had increase, the police department created a special unit named CRASH “Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums.” The CRASH unit was split into two specialized units: “Operations South Bureau and Operations Central Bureau” The CRASH unit was at the forefront on the battle against gang activity, and I think that also had a lot to do with it. The CRASH officers were given permission to aggressively fight gangs by the LAPD as a way to decrease crime. As a result the CRASH officers began to believe that they were above the law. The officers...

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