Law Enforcement Deviance

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Law Enforcement Deviance

By | September 2008
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Deviance in law enforcement did not have to get out of control, but unfortunately it did. The Los Angeles CRASH (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) formed in the early 1970’s because law enforcement wanted to battle the crime caused by street gangs at Rampart Station. This organization developed its own rules and regulations. Basically they got a “big head” and police corruption ensued. Police officers planted evidence, perjured themselves, and beat suspects among other things. The higher ups in the department ignored the warning signs and that is why the deviance ran rampant. The CRASH unit should have been better supervised because if they were, these problems would not have happened.

It seems as though certain law enforcement officers may have had good intentions in the beginning and wanted to help eliminate the crime that was happening in the Rampart Station, but somewhere along the line, they changed their minds about what was right and wrong and decided to take the easy way out by making their own laws. (Chief Bratton Reacts to Blue Ribbon Report) Part of this happened because the officers did not have proper supervision. It is vitally important to everyone involved to have the right superiors watching the officers’ every move and action. When things like this happen, the public becomes leery of law enforcement. (Chief Bratton Reacts to Blue Ribbon Report) They start to think that even if they did nothing wrong, they may get in trouble when there is a questionable incident that occurs. Police officers may have not wanted to make an effort to write out full reports of what happened, or perhaps they were so desperate to catch a criminal that they would plant evidence. This is not the best intention for those involved, especially if the person framed is innocent. In the long run, the public may not want to cooperate with the police thus causing further complications. (Chief Bratton Reacts to Blue Ribbon Report) All this also affects the credibility...

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