law enforcement agencies a necessary evil

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  • Published: November 15, 2013
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Are law enforcement agencies viewed as “a necessary evil” or protectors of the citizens? Discuss with reference to the effectiveness of these agencies.  

Before we begin to discuss the “categories” in which law enforcement officers are placed we need to define, law enforcement agencies. What is a law enforcement agency? A law enforcement agency is described as any unit or agency which enforces the law. They are various law enforcement agencies throughout the world. However, the Jamaica Constabulary Force is the main law enforcement agency in Jamaica. This force is the “arm of the ministry”1 which is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime, maintenance of law and order, the protection of life and property, investigation of alleged crime and “the enforcement of all criminal law as defined by the Jamaican penal code.”2 Karl Marx, the conflict theorist, and Emile Durkheim argues respectively about how necessary crime is. Durkheim argued about the deregulation that was happening within society. “This meant that rules on how people ought to behave with each other were breaking down and thus people did not know what to expect from one another”3 With this explanation, Durkheim states that a limited amount of crime and deviance is necessary in a society. Without the existence of crime and deviance, in the Jamaican society, the law enforcers would be unable to carry out their jobs of protecting the citizens. It is noted that law enforcers, when protecting citizens, should “not unlawfully discriminate in protecting the community on the basis of any status, including race, gender, religion, language, colour, political opinion, sexual orientation, birth or property.” In Jamaica, evidence of this can be found within the community groups formed by the Force know as Police Youth Clubs, in inner city communities and other small rural communities. This style of Policing is known as the watchman style. The watchman style is known to be the most...
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