Law Enforcement

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“Law enforcement”, as a term, refers to professionals or organizations or agencies that are associated with the activities like upholding and enforcing the laws that are in force in a particular jurisdiction. Law enforcement organization is an organization of people, which consists of either individuals or other organizations or both and is associated with law enforcement. A law enforcement agency can be any agency which enforces the law (e.g. police, federal agencies, Interpol, etc). The Law enforcement organization includes within itself Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA). To differentiate between these two, we can say that a law enforcement agency has powers whereas the other law enforcement organizations do not.

The power of law enforcement agency is empowered to collect details about subjects in a jurisdiction, seize property and assets of subjects, seize proof or evidences and interception, direct subjects to provide information, override Jurisdiction, use of force, etc.

The Powers and Exemptions from Law may vary from country from country. It depends on the legal, social, technical development of the country and on the resources that are available to all the legal enforcement agencies of the country. The mission of LEA is to achieve two main goals. First goal is the prevention of the occurrence of a crime which affects a human being or a society as a whole. The second goal is to ensure the manner in which a crime was committed against the local laws by the suspected criminals.

A number of Law enforcement jobs are found at different levels. Local Police department serves the society by protecting the citizens within their jurisdiction. Police force is empowered to arrest and take the suspected persons into custody for interrogation and to arrest people who commit crime against the law. State and National Law Enforcement professionals are also empowered to arrest suspects when they have proper evidence of the crime.

LEA has some other...
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