Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Constable, Crime Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: January 17, 2013
The two strengths of community policing that I thought was important are being able to build are try to build a better rapport with the community and citizen better than what you already have. The second strength is to try to build a rapport with the kids in the community and keep them out of trouble, getting into gangs, and using are selling drugs. So I think when community policing are being done throughout the community that gives the police officer to become community educators, planners and organizers, which in the end it allows the police officers to appreciate their citizens as well as to learn how to work together with them, not to mention It will allow the citizens to trust them more than they do.

The two limitations of community policing that I have chosen are lack of educational opportunities and lack of parental involvement. The reason why is because some of our parents have came to a point where they really don’t care what they child do, were they go, are who they hang with. Parents these days don’t follow up on their child/children were about as long as that child is out of the house that’s all that matter but thanks to the school system they have a system that calls home whenever the child/children are absent. The Police can’t do this along the need parents help to also keep the crimes of our children down and to lead them into the right direction so parents let’s get involve with our kids and not just our kids all kids they need some kind of guidance.

Explain how political, economic, and demographic characteristics of a community impact community policing. Well in my community we have PAL, neighborhood watch, and citizen on patrols. PALs are a group of police officer that are mostly talkative and athletic that gather up our youth and engage them into different activities that they like to keep them off the streets during the day and they are very active with our kids they even take them places on the weekend. They have...
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